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Sit and Train Program

3 things you should know about Sit & Train

       1. Sit & train is a unique program that offers you both dog training and dog sitting, all in one! It is just like a board and train, except at your place instead of mine!

       2. It will help your dog develop a routine and an expectation for their behavior. 

       3. Your dog will need an adjustment period when you return home. That is why our Sit and Train Program include a complimentary private session!

A complimentary consultation is included with the purchase of a Sit & Train Program (with deposit or full payment). In the consultation, we will develop a training plan to address any behavioral concerns or general training needs. During the duration of the sit & train, you will receive daily report cards noting your dogs' progress. In addition, a complimentary private session can be scheduled within 2 weeks after you return home. This session will allow you to learn all the commands your dog worked on, how to implement his/her training into daily life, and how to incorporate distractions such as another dog or kids!


How it works

What's Included?

- In-home pet sitting and house sitting

- Training plan to address necessary behaviors and problems

- 30 minutes of exercise each day

- Training daily

- Feeding and medication

- Complimentary in-home training session after the sit & train

Due to the variability of sit & train programs, prices and inclusions are subject to change. For more information, please fill out the sit & train inquiry form. This will give me a better idea at the training you are looking for. From there, I will create your one-of-a-kind package.

*Depending on the type of training, you may receive different items than those listed above*

Ready to get started?

The first step for this program is scheduling a discovery call. Click the link below to sign up for a call time! These calls last approximately 15 minutes. It allows me to understand your training desires and provides me the opportunity to explain the program more in-depth.

Ready to get started?