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***If you are looking for behavioral training (i.e. reactivity, aggression, etc.), please contact Paige Seitz with

Moonlight Mutts via Email or Facebook. Thank you!***

Board & train programs


Help us work through the puppy stages!


How long does my puppy need?

Depending on the skills you would like your puppy to learn, they have the opportunity to train with us from 1 day on up to 5+months. Truthfully, the amount of time depends on what YOU want trained thoroughly.


What will my puppy learn?

As mentioned above, this aspect depends on what you are wanting and how long the puppy is here. Commonly, puppies stay with us for one month and learn basic commands/manners, are immersed in heavy socialization, and are potty/crate/sleep trained.


Where will my dog stay?

Dogs are housed with Bark 4 Joy CEO, Madie Brustkern, and cared for by the entire training team. We strive to have your puppy work with a variety of trainers to assist in the generalization process and better prepare them for their arrival home. Puppies live like part of the family and go everywhere. During nap time and overnight, they stay in Mutt Manor, a building next to Madie's house. Mutt Manor is monitored with cameras and controlled to regulate temperature.

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Do you have age limits?

While we mainly focus on working with puppies, we do offer board and trains to dogs over 6 months old on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to learn more.



Board and train programs are an investment into your family's happiness and your dog's overall well being. While the initial cost may seem heavy, the benefits will last an entire lifetime. Schedule a discovery call to learn more about pricing for your puppies board and train.


dog & house sitter all in one

Going on a trip is stressful enough, so why not let a professional watch your furry family member? Better yet, why not knock out some problem behaviors, too? 

Our sit & train program is one of a kind. While you're away, we stay with your dog at your house. The trainer then completes a series of trainings with your dog to accomplish the goals we determined prior to your trip. 

Upon your return, you'll receive notes, videos, and pictures of what your dog did while you were away! Typically, we then set up a training program after to ensure you're on the right track. 

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Going on a trip?

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