Spectacular socialization

3 reasons you should choose this program

       1. You've fallen into society's trap and believe socialization only refers to letting your puppy greet all other dogs.

       2. You don't have time to get your puppy out for socialization.

       3. You want to ensure that socialization is done appropriately.

This is an asynchronous program, so I only need your puppy! I then take your puppy out to explore the world. I will expose your puppy to a variety of textures, places, sounds, people, and animals. This program will allow your puppy to feel confident and collected, even when in new situations.

What makes this different?

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What's included?

- Socialization outings with trainer

- Detailed notes on your dog’s progress and experiences

- Cute pictures and videos that not even you can resist

- Focus on sights, textures, sounds, people, animals, and objects (All necessary components to socialization)

- Access to my Client Portal with training logs, note guides, and supplemental PDF's

- Text & email communication with trainer

- Lifetime access to my Bark 4 Joy Client Facebook Group

- A special bundle deal if purchased with my Rowdy to Respectful Puppy Program

How it works

This program will specifically tackle all things socialization. Each time I work with your puppy, I follow a socialization task sheet that is easy to follow, and allows me to ensure your puppy is exposed to everything!



- Firework sounds

- Bicycles moving

- People with backpacks

- Deer

- Being held

All of the socialization I do with your puppy will make your puppy confident, independent, and sound when it comes to things that dogs generally find scary!

Even though this program doesn't require your participation, you'll receive all of the materials I use to do socialization, and you are highly encouraged to work with your puppy alone.

Ready to get started?

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The first step for this program is scheduling a discovery call. Click the link below to sign up for a call time! These calls last approximately 15 minutes. It allows me to understand your training desires and provides me the opportunity to explain the program more in-depth.

Ready to get started?