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Puppy Board and Train Program

1 Month Board & Train

Puppies only

Your puppy will arrive to a Bark 4 Joy Dog Training trainer at the age of 8 weeks and remain in their care until 12 weeks of age. During this time, your puppy is adjusting to life without brothers, sisters, and mom. This is an extremely important stage of development, as your puppy must be exposed to a variety of smells, sounds, sights, and textures. Socialization will be top priority during this portion of training. 

During the month, in addition to socialization, your puppy will work on potty training, kennel training, boundaries (i.e, not rushing out doors), car rides, and some basic obedience. 


2 Month Board & Train

Your puppy will begin training at 8 weeks old and return to you at 16 weeks old. During this time with Bark 4 Joy, your dog will be almost completely potty trained and potty bell trained. The kennel will be a sanctuary for your dog. More basic obedience will be introduced including sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and loose leash walking. Proper play techniques will be introduced, both with people and other dogs (once fully vaccinated). Outings to parks and dog friendly stores will be on the agenda.

3 Month Board & Train

Your puppy will return home at 5 months of age. During the 3 months, your dog will become independent, confident, and willing. Your puppy will begin going on more outings depending on your lifestyle and wishes for the puppy. Teething will be behind us, and your puppy will begin testing the boundaries. Consistency is important at this age, and this third month will be reinforcing the behaviors they've learned thus far.

Turn Key Puppy- 4 Month Board & Train

Your puppy will arrive to your home at 6 months of age. For the four months your puppy is with us, they will not only learn basic obedience, but learn how to be a well-behaved puppy. This will include not barking at the doorbell, polite greetings, ignoring other dogs, and recall. Your puppy will be potty trained, respond to hand and verbal signals, and obey commands the first time they are asked. Your pup will be confident around other dogs and have strong loose leash walking and recall skills. When your dog arrives home, the only thing they will need is an adjustment period to a new home!

Ready to get started?

The first step for this program is scheduling a discovery call. Click the link below to sign up for a call time! These calls last approximately 15 minutes. It allows me to understand your training desires and provides me the opportunity to determine which program is the best fit.

Ready to get started?