Online Courses

Beginning Dog Training

If you've never had a dog, or aren't quite sure where to begin, these courses are a great introduction to learn how to train. Learn about reinforcements, types of training, and basic behaviors.

Puppy Training Courses

Having a puppy can be difficult, but with a large series of puppy courses, you can sail through puppyhood with confidence. Learn how to crate train, introduce time outs, ensure your puppy doesn't jump and so much more!

From scent detection to trick training to service dogs, I have created a variety of advanced training courses. IF there is a course you'd like to see that isn't available, please also reach out!

Advanced Training

Virtual resources

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials can be purchased in packages of 1, 3, or 5.  These videos may be on any content you wish for your dog. Prices will vary depending on the length of the video and level of skill necessary. On the right, you'll find an example of a video tutorial. 

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My PowerPoints are specially created to best match the materials and information I provide during sessions. In fact, my PowerPoints are included with all of my programs to provide more written instruction. I have a list of pre-made PowerPoints; however, I can also custom make them for your training needs. 

Video critiques

A lot of people have no issues training their own dogs. However, sometimes you can run into issues you aren't sure how to solve. If this happens, I provide a video critique service. You can email me a video of your training for me to analyze. I'll then be able to provide feedback to help you correct your training and get better results! While this sounds silly, I do this myself. If you follow Bark 4 Joy on Facebook, I often post videos of myself training and critique them. It is often easy to overlook or oversimplify something in the moment, so videos provide us the ability to watch over and over!

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