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***If you are looking for behavioral training (i.e. reactivity, aggression, etc.), please contact Paige Seitz with

Moonlight Mutts via Email or Facebook. Thank you!***

Training programs

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Deciding what type of program you need can be difficult, so that's our job! 

Check out the type of programs we offer to get a better understanding of what we may discuss during our discovery call.


Private in-person programs


Private training is done in your home to provide the best results. These sessions are great for puppies to adult dogs, basic obedience to trick training, and little to high experience clients.

Let us help provide you with in-depth training and information to bring peace and joy back to your life!

dogs with jobs

Today, dogs can work as service, therapy, or facility dogs. These dogs serve important roles for either individuals or communities.

Bark 4 Joy has specially developed programs to help you reach your ultimate goal. Learn to train, learn the laws, and learn to be a great handler!


Board & Train

Having a puppy is tough work, so let us work through the difficult parts of puppyhood for you! Your puppy will be kept with one of our trainers at their home.

We provide training and assistance after the board and train program, too! Don't let bad habits be created, let us stop them before they begin!


Asynchronous programs

Can't find time to meet with a trainer due to a busy schedule? You aren't local? Look no further! We serve clients all around the country!



We offer various programs you can complete in your own time or have a trainer work with your pup while you're at work!

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